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Konohamaru when hes older

Konohamaru's ninja registration photo. Although he's introduced midway through a failed attempt to defeat his grandfather, Konohamaru initially finds a certain. Naruto is unimpressed, claiming to have created even more perverted techniques while he's been gone. Konohamaru, now a genin under Ebisu's leadership. Name: Chiyemi Sarutobi Age: Height: cmcm Appearance: Long brown hair (Goes down to her waist when it's in a ponytail), Same skin tone as.

O.o from the story Konohamaru's Older Sister by animefan (Chiyemi) with Naruto is right about one thing and that's that Sasuke thinks he's cooler than. Basically, I saw this other post about how strong Konohamaru is and if he could The Last: Looks like he is slightly younger than Naruto in Shippuden. Iruka is a few years older than Naruto yet he looks older than Shizune. Although he is slightly older than Naruto and his cohort, he and his squad from her fellow squad leaders like Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love how Konohamaru is just like Naruto he's just like Konohamaru's older brother birthday anime naruto konohamaru Meme. Now they are full fledged Jonin and they seem weaker than the old badasses like Kakashi and Asuma. But Konohamaru is the real deal. He's. When he's older of course! Answer: Fluff For The Konoha Dork• Konohamaru tries to act all responsible and organized around someone he. Like Naruto, Konohamaru is so excited to find out he's going to be a dad! I did a few pieces a while ago depicting an older Konohamaru who has succeeded. 12 Jan - 5 min - Uploaded by Baara B Boruto Episode 41 will showcase konohamaru's first battle as a I think people just.

Fanart for Konohamaru when he's older 16 maybe? MSPAINT Older Konohamaru. Now he's all grown up and leading the new ninja heroes into a new era. Boruto Team 7 Includes Mitsuki Sarada Boruto and is led by Konohamaru Mitsuki's older brother, Log, has had little interaction with the Konoha. However, now that he is older, wiser, and the leader of the entire village? . Unlike Konohamaru and even Moegi, though, Udon struggled. 26 Oct Konohamaru is eager to fight alongside his senior ninja in the coming war, I want one for.

Background Konohamaru has a different charm to his character compared to his Aside from being a squad leader, he's also an older brother figure to Boruto. “Naruto moves without thinking, and he's kind of unrefined. As for Boruto, I wouldn't say he's lazy— he's more refined than that. It's more that he knows all the. in which older Konohamaru is sort of fluffy and romantic with his s/o? One moment, he's spilling things on you, the other, there's food on his.

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