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How do you pronounce ni swalele

Yes (Ee) Speak to me in Lozi (bulele nina ka Silozi) How do you say inLozi? (Ki bukai?) Sorry (Ni swalele) U siyale/ Ni ta kubona (see you or good bye). Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce Ni'ihau in Hawaiian with native pronunciation. Ni'ihau translation and audio pronunciation. Ni ta kubôna kamuso (see you tomorrow) Ni ta kubona hape (see you later) How do you say in Lozi? U bulela cwang'i ka Ni swalele. Please · Thank you.

How to say or pronounce Ni in different languages and countries. Pronunciation guide for the name of people and places. Find, submit and requests. Please say that again, Ni kupa u bulele hape. Please write it down, Ni How do you say in Lozi? U bulela cwang'i ka Ki bukai? Sorry, Ni swalele. Please. Mulimu Waziba. Tabros. From the Album Ni Swalele. January 28, Be the first to review this item. $ Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to.

out this list and learn to say 'I'm sorry' in different languages from around the world. Fijian, (Nī) vosota sara (general) Lozi, Ni swalele. Here we are posting how to say sorry in different languages. (Also learn how to say Thank you in Lozi, Ni swalele. Luxembourgish, Pardon. Low Saxon: Deit mi leed Lozi: Ni swalele Luxembourgish: Pardon Malagasy: Azafady Malay: Ma'af Malayalam: (kshamikka?am)(porukka?am). With py bonde smyte of, I say; po salt lay on anew pou may; pys scbalt pou gedur says pe prophete: Si autem in potentatibus octogynta an- ni, et amplius with-alle als continuele hele Als Moyses had pat was swa lele, ^'uob^J . Lozi Pronounced loh-zee is a Bantu Language. Lozi -loh-zee- Good luck- Ni ku lakaleza litohonolo. 7. Good night- Sorry- Ni swalele.

being in the body for a long time but God showed me the country and the place but I am not here to say anything like that. Tate ni swalele. St, Pliar-la|) •nI'EN. fefihomexany.tk*«Acencj. 1. Widford plaor, baa Meth Marti, Ileila Swale le Walter., hod h mho. J A. Mall, 1 L. Maitland beet C. E. SAY. (3) by 5 and 4. N. n. pronounced as in English When followed by y it has a palatal sound as in na3, aux. verb. giving the main verb a meaning of continuity: Ni ta na ni sebeza, puci! inter;. expressing annoyance for one's forgetfulness: Ba ni swa-lele ni. -ambusa (ambusize) to keep some one away from: Na ba ni ambusize mwa litaba -ambwela1 (ambwezi) v.t. not to do or say again; to stop doing something : U.

Ni tozi hande chwale wena utozi chwani? |, I am fine and how are you? Swalela, |, Forgive. Bona, |, To see Bulela, |, Say. Lekisa, |, Sell. loz Bupolofita b'o bu zwelapili kuli: “Ka nako yeo ni ka sefa mwa Jerusalema ka Nguli ye i bonisa hande kuli lu swanela ku bonisa sishemo ka ku swalela ba bañwi. the local language well and then patterning his pronunciation after theirs. And loved his lovyng als þai couth say,. But tyte þai had don .. ni, et amplius eorum labor et dolor. "If in myghtfulnes Als Moyses had þat was swa lele,.

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